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Corrective BodyworX - A Medical Massage Practice
Corrective BodyworX provides therapeutic massage and corrective bodywork for the enhancement of health and well-being to athletes and the general public.
Expertise & Customization
We use our expertise to create custom treatment plans, offer restorative services,  and naturally promote the relaxation and self-healing processes. To further aid your recovery, we include Ayurvedic healing oils, therapeutic-grade essential oils, and the application of energy rebalancing FREE of charge in each massage service.
Fast & Long Lasting Results
At Corrective BodyworX we  always put the health and well-being of our clients first and foremost.  There will be some discomfort but a whole lot more gain and  fewer sessions to achieve optimal functioning.
Introducing Neuromuscular Reprogramming (NMR) for Sports Injuries, Accident/ Trauma Recovery, General Rehab, etc.
To find out more about this wonderful service (click here and here)
Pre-Booking Specials**
(1) Book your next appointment at the end of your session and receive 15% off that appointment
(2) Book your next 3 appointments and receive 20% off all three
**Offer valid for no more than three (3) visits
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