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Welcome Gentry Readers
By now, you've seen my advertisement in the pages of Gentry Magazine and perhaps even my 'Women in Business' profile featured in the aforementioned publication.  To welcome you, I have designed some offerings exclusive to Gentry's readers.
Gentry Raindrop Therapy $150
The session encompasses 75 minutes of relaxation, detoxification, and circulatory massage. Raindrop Therapy is a healing technique based on Native Lakota medicine that employs the use of therapeutic grade essential oils. Powerful antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory oils are applied along the spine to assist the body in toxin removal and to bring the body’s various systems into alignment. Includes a full body, light-pressure Swedish massage.
Gentry Elite Treatment $275

For the truly elite who crave some pampering and restoration, we offer this exclusive 110 minute treatment not offered elsewhere. Your body will be treated to Deep Tissue Massage to lengthen muscle fibers; Myofascial Therapies to release knots; and Hot & Cold Stones to flush out the released toxins.
Gentry Hot Stone $220
A blissful, tension-releasing 110 minutes. This treatment combines the soothing and healing touch of heated stones with the long, gliding strokes of Swedish massage. This full body massage promotes stress relief and muscle relaxation.
Gentry Deep Healing Hot Stone $250
A welcome respite from the daily grind, this service is 110 minutes. You are treated to the sublime combination of heated stones and the long, gliding movements of Swedish massage plus deeper strokes that glide through the layers and help to release adhesions & knots.  You will feel the tension melt away as muscular and postural imbalances are corrected.
Gentry Emperor Treatment $200
Be treated like the royalty you are during this 75 minute session. This is a deeply therapeutic treatment that combines the use of hot & cold Jade stones to rebalance energy, detox the system, and release tension.
To schedule one of these services or any of the services that we offer, please click the "Book Now" link to get immediate access to our online booking system. 
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