Corrective BodyworX - Meditation as Healing
Corrective BodyworX - Realigning Body, Mind and Spirit
Meditation as Healing
My plan for a better tomorrow starts now.   How about yours?
I manifest transformation and healing through the use of energy balancing, massage, essential oil treatments, and the employment of meditative practices. 
I teach meditation as one of the ways that I can be of service to God and the community at large. I see it as my calling to spread healing to the masses; to remove anger and hate from our hearts; and to bring inner peace to those who cross my path.
I specifically target Type As, High Achievers, and Business Executives because:
  1. They are most like me
  2. I have been where they are
  3. They are the least likely to seek out and/or accept healing
The path I have chosen is a difficult one, but I embrace the challenge and the opportunity to instill peace, love, and light into the hearts, minds & spirits of those who are the most in need of healing. 
Happiness and inner peace are attainable goals as they already exist inside of us.  Meditation is one of the keys to unlocking this hidden potential. Allow me to help you tap into your true potential and show you the way to:
  1. a calmer mental state
  2. a better focused mind
  3. more joy in your life
  4. better sleep
  5. less stress & anxiety
  6. more energy
  7. decreased episodes of depression
  8. quicker mental reflexes
  9. sharper intuition
  10. better interactions with others
  11. a lower metabolic age
  12. a more youthful & radiant appearance
  13. a less reactive personality
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